Thursday, August 14, 2014

Evangelist is complete!

We have a cast and crew screening on September 6th in Madison, WI and will then prepare for upcoming film festival submissions!

It's been a long journey.

Stay tuned for more updates...

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rough Cut of "Evangelist" Screened for Producers

The post-production for Evangelist has proven to be a long process.  We had many various pick up shots to shoot after initial production, all of which required combining schedules of our director, Ren, producers, actors, and location contacts.  Needless to say, matching schedules with all of those individuals involved can be difficult and time consuming, especially when all of those involved work full time jobs outside of film ventures. 

We've finally shot a majority of necessary pick up shots and location shoot requirements, enough so that our director presented an excellent rough cut of our short film Evangelist just before the holidays.
I was able to see footage presented within a narrative edit for the first time.

A rough cut consists of basically presenting the main master shots, edited chronologically to tell the story from beginning to end.  The rough cut is void of creative editing, close-ups, final musical score (instead using a temp track), etc. 

Having seen it now, I must say that it exceeded my expectations. 

The footage looks excellent!  VERY professional.  Micro budget indies always suffer from lack of production value on the screen, primarily when it comes to quality footage, cinematography, lighting, etc.  That is not the case with Evangelist. 

We put almost every dollar raised into picture quality (Shooting on the coveted Red HD camera), cinematography, lighting, etc.  And it really does show, even in this rough cut!
Ren will continue to cut the film through early 2014.  We made the decision to not rush a rough cut into the festival circuit deadlines of November or December 2013.  It wouldn't serve the purpose we set out to accomplish; Offering ourselves and our fellow backers the best possible film we could offer.
Filmmaking is a long and arduous process, especially considering the fact that we're doing this on the side, along with full time careers outside of filmmaking. 

Ren has been working really hard and his output will grow even more as he really begins the process of taking this rough cut and spicing it up with creative editing, angles, inserts, etc.  It's a lot of footage to go through and it's a very detail oriented task to say the least. 

Since we're still in the process of editing the film and since we'll not be submitting the film to festivals until later in the year, the backer awards will obviously be delayed from the initial January deadline. 
We have to edit, score, and sound sync the film.  And we're taking the time to do it right. 

Ren is currently constructing a trailer for everyone in the meantime, just to wet your appetite!  Something that will give you a taste of what we've accomplished thus far.  We hope to release the trailer mid-January, which is just a couple of weeks from now. 

Thank you all for your support!  We just wanted to let all of our friends and backers know that we've been working hard to make Evangelist the best it can be.  Ren has this film primarily on his shoulders now as the director, editor, etc. Producers Tom Dunn and I are there in support. 

We'll keep you updated and expect to receive the first official Evangelist trailer (utilizing actual footage from the film) mid-January or so. 

Thanks so much again!  Happy New Year to all!

Ken Miyamoto 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Editing process has begun!

Evangelist is currently in post production.  We have Ren Patterson, our director, taking on editing, which is something we are VERY excited about.  It's a very long process that we are finally launching after some additional footage that was necessary.  We have a couple more insert shots to shoot in the coming weeks as Ren edits the film and sees what additions he needs. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our Evangelist Kickstarter Campaign Success Teaser!

A special thanks to all Evangelist Kickstarter backers!  Thanks so much.  Here's a teaser trailer made just for you.  Keep an eye out for your names listed in the credits!  Make sure your speakers are up...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

La Crosse Tribune Article Featuring Evangelist Kickstarter Campaign

Hello everyone.

Below is an excellent feature article written about Evangelist producer Ken Miyamoto and the Evangelist Kickstarter campaign, which has now raised $6,395 with 29 more days to go as we try to raise our dream budget goal of $8,000 and beyond.

The below article was written by La Crosse Tribune writer Geri Parlin.  Please CLICK HERE if you'd like to read the article through the La Crosse Tribune website, which has some additional information as well.

As always, please check us out and make a pledge at Evangelist Kickstarter Campaign.

If you want to raise funds, Kickstarter seems to be the answer — for just about anything.

Ever since the creators of “Veronica Mars” announced they were financing their movie with Kickstarter funds, everybody’s jumping into the game.

Ken Miyamoto, formerly of La Crosse, is one of them.

A few years ago, Miyamoto wrote a miniseries called “Blackout,” starring Anne Heche, Sean Patrick Flanery and Billy Zane. The series has played in Europe and on the SyFy channel in South America but not in the United States. He got paid, Miyamoto said, but didn’t get the satisfaction of seeing his work available for viewing at home.

So Miyamoto has moved onto his next project. He is producing a short film, “Evangelist,” which he’s developed with director Ren Patterson and writer Tom Dunn.

“Evangelist” is a dark and powerful satirical drama about a televangelist’s fall from grace as he confronts his inner demons during one last broadcast.

Sound like your kind of movie? Then Miyamoto wants you to open your wallet. He and his partners are asking fans to help finance it through Kickstarter, an online crowd-funding site.

“We’ve shot some footage but are set to shoot the bulk of it May 10, 11 and 12 in Madison. Location is set. We’re crewing up.”

But all that takes money.

They’ve already got some of it via Kickstarter.

“We are the mini-me of ‘Veronica Mars.’ We started our Kickstarter campaign 12 days ago. In two days, we raised our initial Kickstarter goal of $4,000,” Miyamoto said. “In 12 days, we’ve raised $6,090, meaning we’re 152 percent funded, headed toward our dream goal budget of $8,000. The $4,000 goal was our make it or break it budget ... the least we could make it for. Now we have 33 days to nab our dream budget.”

Already, he said, Central High School alumni have been a huge part of the campaign. Some, he hasn’t seen in 20 years.

“I’m amazed and touched by the support I’ve seen from the La Crosse community, and especially by my fellow Central alumni.”

The more money they raise, Miyamoto said, the more money he and his partners will be able to put into post production, which could lead to submitting the film in more major film festivals.

Miyamoto said managing Kickstarter has turned into his full-time job for this production, as he keeps finding other ways to get his message out to potential investors.

“It’s overwhelming and amazing,” said Miyamoto, who likes the idea that friends and family are helping fund his dream. “I can get money anywhere, but I’d rather get it from the La Crosse community and maybe get their names in the credits.”

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Evangelist Surpasses Kickstarter Goal, Now Shooting for Dream Budget of $8,000

Hey everyone.  I'm excited to update you all by writing that in just over seven days of our 45 day Kickstarter campaign, we've raised an amazing $5,525 at the time of this post!

Our initial $4,000 goal was our make it or break it budget... the least we could make the film on.  Now we're looking at making a push for our dream budget goal of $8,000 and beyond. 

As we have hit our initial Kickstarter goal, as we raise more and more towards our dream budget, we are now in full swing.  Location is set.  We're starting the equipment rental process as well.  We are crewing up as we speak.  We've nabbed some great production assistants and will be looking to cast some additional voice actors for the shoot as well.

If all goes well, we'll be shooting with a Red, provided by the DP we've hired.

More updates and features to come! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

In Less Than Two Days, Evangelist Has SURPASSED the Initial Kickstarter Goal!!

Our message to our Kickstarter backers, and now to ALL of our supporters:

In less than two days, we've surpassed our initial Kickstarter goal of $4,000.  We're sitting at $4,155 at the time of this post.  In about 15 minutes from now, it will have been officially two full days since the Kickstarter launch. 

So thank you to all backers.  Thank you so much. 

You'll notice in the title of this update that I use the word "initial" in reference to our Kickstarter goal.  As you've heard me say, we're just getting started.  We have 42 days left in this campaign. 

$4,000 was our micro-budget.  Now we have a chance at our dream budget.  $8,000 and beyond.  Money that will go towards the production, to better post-production facilities, and towards major film festival submissions and appearances.  We'll be able to manufacture our rewards with even better quality as well. 
So please, spread the word.  This if your project now too.  Whether you gave $10, $100, in between and beyond. 

This is the direct link to the Evangelist Kickstarter page...

Feel free to copy and paste it anywhere.  Your Facebook Wall.  Your Twitter account.  Email it to family and friends.  Let them know that even just $10 pledges will get their name on the credits and cement them into this community as a family member of Evangelist. 

On behalf of Ren, Tom, and myself, as well as the cast and crew of Evangelist, THANK YOU!
Ken Miyamoto

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Evangelist Kickstarter Campaign on Fire!!

Hey everyone.  Just a quick and amazing update.  In LESS THAN TWO days, we've raised $3,895 towards our $4,000 Kickstarter goal!  We have 40 some more days to go in our Kickstarter campaign as well.  We are amazed, touched, and thrilled!

We'll likely hit our goal in a day or two hopefully.  But we are going to push well beyond it.  The more money we raise, the better the production will be.  We'll be able to afford more and better equipment, better editing capabilities and personnel, and we'll also be able to really hit the film festival market more.  So we aren't even close to being done with our Kickstarter campaign yet!

More updates to come and thanks to all for your support!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Star of Evangelist, Donavon Armburster, Shares His Story

Our producer has asked that I share a little of my story, as a way to whet your general interest and hopefully spark your consideration for support of our film, THE EVANGELIST.

I was introduced to the project through an elder of my church who had seen the script and was familiar with the filmmakers. Through him we exchanged contacts and I arranged to be seen for an audition. Initially, I was intrigued merely by the premise - the archetypal fall of a man abusive of his powers. But the script impressed me - I was immediately drawn into the story and the complexities of the Reverend's behavior. From an actor's perspective, the role afforded the challenging task of balancing the character's cons, convictions and contradictions through an arch of increasing desparation. I knew an opportunity to study the role was ripe with possibilities.

As for my own story, I've been acting for the better part of over 35 years. I became an actor in my middle teen years, having the good fortune to be accepted into the Children's Theatre Company and School of Minneapolis where I received much of my early formal training. The Children's Theatre became a springboard for other companies like the Small Change Original Theatre of Minneapolis and the Chimera Theatre in St. Paul, and I built up a strong background in musical theatre and in classical drama. I eventually began to branch out regionally, appearing in a diversity of projects that included several summer stock productions with the Northern Lights Playhouse; traveling in educational school tours for the University of Wisconsin - Madison; performing in dinner theatre at the Fireside Playhouse in MY FAIR LADY; and eventually working my way to the east coast where I began my apprenticeship with Actor's Equity Association.

After a season of summer stock in New Hampshire (appearing as PIPPIN and opposite Georgia Engels in THE GREAT SEBASTIANS), I moved to New York City, and on my second day was cast in an Off-Broadway production of PIRATES OF PENZANCE with the Light Opera of Manhattan. Over the next few years I appeared in a dozen Off-Broadway musicals and operettas, occasionally taking roles in larger venues in New Jersey (as Curley in OKLAHOMA) and in Brooklyn (as Perchik in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF). It was around this time a friend on the west coast invited me to Los Angeles and convinced me to try my hand in the film and television industry there.

While the caliber of roles I was offered was far different than what I'd grown accustomed to in the theatre, Los Angeles did provide me the opportunity to meet and work with several actors and directors that I admired. Making several small appearances in abandoned pilots, failed series and forgotten made-for-television movies provided me the opportunity to work with Walter Matthau, Carol Burnett, Pat Morita, Diane Keaton, Kirstie Alley and occasionally appear in an episode of HILL STREET BLUES or FAME, the series. Theatrically, I appeared as Horatio in a production of HAMLET in Pasadena, but over time the gypsy lifestyle I'd been living for the past decade was beginning to loose its allure, and I eventually turned to professional opportunities outside of "Show Business" that offered a more stationary and secure livelihood.
I met my wife in the early 90s, and after surviving the earthquakes, fires. floods and riots of L.A. (not to mention three stolen vehicles), we decided to leave southern California and start a family in Madison. By the year 2000, I'd been away from acting for several years, with no deliberate plans to return, when by chance I happened across an audtion notice for a local production of YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU. It was the first live theatre show I'd seen as a kid - and I thought, "wouldn't it be fun to do just one more show". Besides, my wife had never seen me on stage and I knew the show intimately.

The result was like an opening of Pandora's box, but in a good sense - the past thirteen years have been as almost constant succession of productions with nearly every theatre company in Madison: Forward Theatre, Madison Rep, Children's Theatre of Madison, Strollers Theatre, Four Seasons Theatre, Madison Savoyards, Madison Theatre Guild and many others. This "second act" in my career has allowed me to essay a large and diverse variety of roles including: Higgins in MY FAIR LADY; Claudius in HAMLET; Moss in GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS; Fagin in OLIVER!; Alceste in THE MISANTHROPE; Koko in THE MIKADO; Father in RAGTIME; Dunois in SAINT JOAN; Yvonne in ART; Jack Pointe in YEOMEN OF THE GUARD; Jerry in A ZOO STORY; Don Quixote in MAN OF LA MANCHA and dozens of other plays and projects. Currently, I'm appearing on stage with CTM's,  AND THEN THEY CAME FOR ME: REMEMBERING THE WORLD OF ANNE FRANK in the Playhouse Theatre of Overture Center.
Please consider making a Kickstarter contribution that will help us make a reality of our film, THE EVANGELIST. You'll be supporting the arts, encouraging independent filmmaking and have the bragging rights of having financed a movie.

Thank you for you interest in this project. Best wishes.

--Donavon Armbruster

Sunday, February 17, 2013

We're moving right along!

It's been awhile since we've updated, but we're back on track. 

We've found a location and are close to having the dates set.  After the location is confirmed, we'll be launching one final campaign on Kickstarter to try and nab our budget!

We just shot an excellent Kickstarter video starring our lead actor Donovan Armbruster.  He offered an amazing performance which we hope really speaks to possible contributors through Kickstarter. 

Many more updates to come.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Second Evangelist PSA Completed!

We'd like to first thank Good Shepard Lutheran Church in Verona, WI for the use of their beautiful worship hall for the production of our second mock PSA for "Evangelist".

This will be our second PSA that will show during the Reverend Kammell's ill-fated television broadcast.  We gathered at Good Shepard on a Sunday, shortly after their Sunday services, accompanied by a great group of kids from pre-school to middle school.  The kids were VERY helpful and patient as our director Ren set up various shots and all offered, as you will see below, great performances as young flock from Reverend Kammell's ministry.

This, along with the first PSA below, are tongue-in-cheek satirical looks at the sometimes manipulative world of corrupt evangelists.

We extend our thanks again to Good Shepard, Pastor Brent, Pastor Tim, Pastor Rod, the board, Robyn, as well as our following actors:

Jessica Wolenec
Jonathan Wolenec
Joshua Nybroten
Adam Johnson
Blake Johnson
Benjamin Johnson
Aaron Zimmerman
Jade Proctor
Tyler Miyamoto
Jackson Miyamoto

Enjoy our recent cut of the "Evangelist" PSA #2

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Evangelist's New Fundraiser Video

Evangelist is in pre-production for a March shoot!  Come be a part of this powerful drama...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello to Good Shepherd Church Kids and Parents!

A special message to you all.  Thank you for taking interest into our little project.  I'm a member of Good Shepherd and was thrilled to hear that the church was willing to be a little part of our short film, Evangelist.  The script is a powerful story written by Evangelist co-producer Tom Dunn and directed by Ren Patterson.  Please click on the Contact button above to learn a little more about us.

Evangelist tells the story of the title character during a late night televangelist broadcast.  We watch him confront his demons as he takes calls and preaches his words of God, slowly witnessing his fall from grace.

The script contains no profanity and there is no onscreen violence at all.  It IS an intense character piece though.

So below are some more details for you and what we're hoping you and your children can help us out with.  We thank you for any support!

Where:  West Campus in Verona.

When:  Sunday, November 11th, from 12PM to 1PM.  We'd like to try to get everything done within that time period, but please allow for a thirty minute grace period in case we go over a bit due to camera set-ups, etc.

What Will We Be Shooting?  We are shooting a fictional Evangelist commercial that will be shown in the background on a monitor in a scene set during our Evangelist's telecast.  If you scroll down below, you can watch another similar commercial, which is really a satirical take on uplifting commercials that some evangelists use to uplift people and get them to donate money.

We will have our lead actor reading a children's bible story to the children in character.  He's an amazing actor and will be very animated with it, so the children should have fun.  Once we cover that in a few angles, we'd like to accomplish a shot where the kids are rushing towards him happily as he hands out bibles.  That's it;)

Each child will receive onscreen credit on the eventual film.  We will be shooting the bulk of the film in March.  The plan is to submit this film into local and international film festivals, including hopefully Austin, Sundance, etc.

The bulk of the shoot will be shot by a professional film crew that we've brought together.  That Sunday's shoot will be more small scale at Good Shepherd, with our director, myself, the writer, and our actor.

We would need all parents to sign a simple release form, which would allow us to use the footage of everyone that we film.

What Age Group Are We Looking For?  We're looking for all ages.  It would play best if we have 1st graders through 6th graders, but could also use some middle and high schoolers as well.   

If you are interested in having your children take part, please email me at with your children's names and ages, and please put "EVANGELIST KIDS" in the subject line of the email if you could.  We will be more than happy to accept walk-ons the day of, but it would be very helpful if we could know what numbers to expect.

Thank you all for your interest again!!  Please go to Contact above and learn a little bit more about myself and co-producers.


Ken Miyamoto
Producer of Evangelist


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Production on Evangelist Has Begun!

We're thrilled to announce that we had our first shooting day this past Labor Day.  We shot one of the televangelist PSAs that will run during a commercial break as our Evangelist's night begins to take a turn for the worst.  It's meant to be a satirical look at how corrupt televangelists can manipulate people into believing in their cause by pulling at their heart strings.

We cast the lead role of the mother through The Rock Agency, finding Emily Rozinek.

We found the children a little closer to home... my home that is.  My son Jack played the mother's son, and Jack's good friend Ashley played his sister.  We had a bunch of family friends as background actors as well.

This mock PSA was shot on location on the east side of Madison, WI.  Writer/Producer Tom Dunn did an excellent job of location scouting, finding a school and park that had a somewhat run down look to it.  It was a hot day and the kids and their parents were real troopers.  We had cookies and pizzas for them after a few hours of shooting.

 Below you'll see our director and producer Ren (With the black hat) and myself blocking out a shot.


We have another mock PSA to shoot and are currently crewing up for our main production schedule.  We'll be shooting over a long weekend this November at WYOU Studios.

Below is the PSA mentioned above.  

We're very excited as things are falling into place, production-wise.  Stay tuned for more updates!