Thursday, September 27, 2012

Production on Evangelist Has Begun!

We're thrilled to announce that we had our first shooting day this past Labor Day.  We shot one of the televangelist PSAs that will run during a commercial break as our Evangelist's night begins to take a turn for the worst.  It's meant to be a satirical look at how corrupt televangelists can manipulate people into believing in their cause by pulling at their heart strings.

We cast the lead role of the mother through The Rock Agency, finding Emily Rozinek.

We found the children a little closer to home... my home that is.  My son Jack played the mother's son, and Jack's good friend Ashley played his sister.  We had a bunch of family friends as background actors as well.

This mock PSA was shot on location on the east side of Madison, WI.  Writer/Producer Tom Dunn did an excellent job of location scouting, finding a school and park that had a somewhat run down look to it.  It was a hot day and the kids and their parents were real troopers.  We had cookies and pizzas for them after a few hours of shooting.

 Below you'll see our director and producer Ren (With the black hat) and myself blocking out a shot.


We have another mock PSA to shoot and are currently crewing up for our main production schedule.  We'll be shooting over a long weekend this November at WYOU Studios.

Below is the PSA mentioned above.  

We're very excited as things are falling into place, production-wise.  Stay tuned for more updates!