The Story

Evangelist is a dark, powerful drama focused on a downward-bound television preacher. Desperate to raise money, we first meet Reverend Doctor Wilbur Kammell during a doomed all-night telethon meant to rescue his ministry. Once a powerful force, confident in his gifts, Kammell's intense charisma is wrapped around a scripture promising material wealth. He finds himself reduced in status and in means…yet his belief in his own uniqueness remains as undimmed as the spotlight he still commands.

A story designed to give an extraordinary actor the opportunity to live and breathe a tour de force performance, Evangelist will rivet the audience’s attention on a character they despise, yet cannot look away from. It will anger them, surprise them, even shock them. They will recognize moral hypocrisy at work, and struggle with the twisting of faith and scripture for fun and profit by one who actually understands those emotions. And they will realize the truth of St. Mathew’s admonition in the Gospels: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also..."