Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rough Cut of "Evangelist" Screened for Producers

The post-production for Evangelist has proven to be a long process.  We had many various pick up shots to shoot after initial production, all of which required combining schedules of our director, Ren, producers, actors, and location contacts.  Needless to say, matching schedules with all of those individuals involved can be difficult and time consuming, especially when all of those involved work full time jobs outside of film ventures. 

We've finally shot a majority of necessary pick up shots and location shoot requirements, enough so that our director presented an excellent rough cut of our short film Evangelist just before the holidays.
I was able to see footage presented within a narrative edit for the first time.

A rough cut consists of basically presenting the main master shots, edited chronologically to tell the story from beginning to end.  The rough cut is void of creative editing, close-ups, final musical score (instead using a temp track), etc. 

Having seen it now, I must say that it exceeded my expectations. 

The footage looks excellent!  VERY professional.  Micro budget indies always suffer from lack of production value on the screen, primarily when it comes to quality footage, cinematography, lighting, etc.  That is not the case with Evangelist. 

We put almost every dollar raised into picture quality (Shooting on the coveted Red HD camera), cinematography, lighting, etc.  And it really does show, even in this rough cut!
Ren will continue to cut the film through early 2014.  We made the decision to not rush a rough cut into the festival circuit deadlines of November or December 2013.  It wouldn't serve the purpose we set out to accomplish; Offering ourselves and our fellow backers the best possible film we could offer.
Filmmaking is a long and arduous process, especially considering the fact that we're doing this on the side, along with full time careers outside of filmmaking. 

Ren has been working really hard and his output will grow even more as he really begins the process of taking this rough cut and spicing it up with creative editing, angles, inserts, etc.  It's a lot of footage to go through and it's a very detail oriented task to say the least. 

Since we're still in the process of editing the film and since we'll not be submitting the film to festivals until later in the year, the backer awards will obviously be delayed from the initial January deadline. 
We have to edit, score, and sound sync the film.  And we're taking the time to do it right. 

Ren is currently constructing a trailer for everyone in the meantime, just to wet your appetite!  Something that will give you a taste of what we've accomplished thus far.  We hope to release the trailer mid-January, which is just a couple of weeks from now. 

Thank you all for your support!  We just wanted to let all of our friends and backers know that we've been working hard to make Evangelist the best it can be.  Ren has this film primarily on his shoulders now as the director, editor, etc. Producers Tom Dunn and I are there in support. 

We'll keep you updated and expect to receive the first official Evangelist trailer (utilizing actual footage from the film) mid-January or so. 

Thanks so much again!  Happy New Year to all!

Ken Miyamoto