Thursday, March 14, 2013

In Less Than Two Days, Evangelist Has SURPASSED the Initial Kickstarter Goal!!

Our message to our Kickstarter backers, and now to ALL of our supporters:

In less than two days, we've surpassed our initial Kickstarter goal of $4,000.  We're sitting at $4,155 at the time of this post.  In about 15 minutes from now, it will have been officially two full days since the Kickstarter launch. 

So thank you to all backers.  Thank you so much. 

You'll notice in the title of this update that I use the word "initial" in reference to our Kickstarter goal.  As you've heard me say, we're just getting started.  We have 42 days left in this campaign. 

$4,000 was our micro-budget.  Now we have a chance at our dream budget.  $8,000 and beyond.  Money that will go towards the production, to better post-production facilities, and towards major film festival submissions and appearances.  We'll be able to manufacture our rewards with even better quality as well. 
So please, spread the word.  This if your project now too.  Whether you gave $10, $100, in between and beyond. 

This is the direct link to the Evangelist Kickstarter page...

Feel free to copy and paste it anywhere.  Your Facebook Wall.  Your Twitter account.  Email it to family and friends.  Let them know that even just $10 pledges will get their name on the credits and cement them into this community as a family member of Evangelist. 

On behalf of Ren, Tom, and myself, as well as the cast and crew of Evangelist, THANK YOU!
Ken Miyamoto