Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Evangelist Surpasses Kickstarter Goal, Now Shooting for Dream Budget of $8,000

Hey everyone.  I'm excited to update you all by writing that in just over seven days of our 45 day Kickstarter campaign, we've raised an amazing $5,525 at the time of this post!

Our initial $4,000 goal was our make it or break it budget... the least we could make the film on.  Now we're looking at making a push for our dream budget goal of $8,000 and beyond. 

As we have hit our initial Kickstarter goal, as we raise more and more towards our dream budget, we are now in full swing.  Location is set.  We're starting the equipment rental process as well.  We are crewing up as we speak.  We've nabbed some great production assistants and will be looking to cast some additional voice actors for the shoot as well.

If all goes well, we'll be shooting with a Red, provided by the DP we've hired.

More updates and features to come!