Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello to Good Shepherd Church Kids and Parents!

A special message to you all.  Thank you for taking interest into our little project.  I'm a member of Good Shepherd and was thrilled to hear that the church was willing to be a little part of our short film, Evangelist.  The script is a powerful story written by Evangelist co-producer Tom Dunn and directed by Ren Patterson.  Please click on the Contact button above to learn a little more about us.

Evangelist tells the story of the title character during a late night televangelist broadcast.  We watch him confront his demons as he takes calls and preaches his words of God, slowly witnessing his fall from grace.

The script contains no profanity and there is no onscreen violence at all.  It IS an intense character piece though.

So below are some more details for you and what we're hoping you and your children can help us out with.  We thank you for any support!

Where:  West Campus in Verona.

When:  Sunday, November 11th, from 12PM to 1PM.  We'd like to try to get everything done within that time period, but please allow for a thirty minute grace period in case we go over a bit due to camera set-ups, etc.

What Will We Be Shooting?  We are shooting a fictional Evangelist commercial that will be shown in the background on a monitor in a scene set during our Evangelist's telecast.  If you scroll down below, you can watch another similar commercial, which is really a satirical take on uplifting commercials that some evangelists use to uplift people and get them to donate money.

We will have our lead actor reading a children's bible story to the children in character.  He's an amazing actor and will be very animated with it, so the children should have fun.  Once we cover that in a few angles, we'd like to accomplish a shot where the kids are rushing towards him happily as he hands out bibles.  That's it;)

Each child will receive onscreen credit on the eventual film.  We will be shooting the bulk of the film in March.  The plan is to submit this film into local and international film festivals, including hopefully Austin, Sundance, etc.

The bulk of the shoot will be shot by a professional film crew that we've brought together.  That Sunday's shoot will be more small scale at Good Shepherd, with our director, myself, the writer, and our actor.

We would need all parents to sign a simple release form, which would allow us to use the footage of everyone that we film.

What Age Group Are We Looking For?  We're looking for all ages.  It would play best if we have 1st graders through 6th graders, but could also use some middle and high schoolers as well.   

If you are interested in having your children take part, please email me at with your children's names and ages, and please put "EVANGELIST KIDS" in the subject line of the email if you could.  We will be more than happy to accept walk-ons the day of, but it would be very helpful if we could know what numbers to expect.

Thank you all for your interest again!!  Please go to Contact above and learn a little bit more about myself and co-producers.


Ken Miyamoto
Producer of Evangelist