Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finding Movie Magic in Madison

A born and bred New Yorker, I worked for NYC companies: Independent International Pictures (“Dracula vs. Frankenstein”; “Five Bloody Graves”; “The Naughty Stewardesses”; “In Search of Dracula”; “Chaplin’s Art of Comedy” etc. etc.), TVCCS (TV spots), Teletactics (associate-producer of “Days of Liberty” - an animated feature for ABC) and Phoenix Films (award-winning producer/distributors of children’s, educational and art films) on a full-time basis - and numerous others on a contract basis. I was also a principal in 3 small film companies, making TV ads documentaries, feature pilots, educational films, industrials and corporate videos. In addition to all this film work, I was involved in Off Broadway, Summer Stock and competitive theater in New York and Ireland.

After a career of more than 35 years (thus far), much of it in and out of film and entertainment - everything from low-budget features in the 70’s to one-act plays in the 90’s and corporate videos in the 2000’s – I found myself looking for new grist for the creative mills. And I found it in “Evangelist”, a short film script written by Tom Dunn.

Like three Quixotes, Tom, Ken Miyamoto and I set out to conquer a few filmmaking dragons here in Madison, and attempt to produce a little 20-minute gem. I have no idea how many short films I’ve made in my life, but it’s been a while since the last one and Tom and Ken have put their trust in me to direct “Evangelist.” I look forward to the opportunity.

For me, film is magic. It is like no other creative medium on earth. As long as I’m breathing I will be looking for partners like Ken and Tom to make magic with and new and exciting film projects like Evangelist with which I can captivate film lovers of every stripe. RP